A Lot has Changed

Having been in the web design and development industry for over 18 years I've experienced a lot of change - can you believe when I first started out software still arrived on a CD, the internet was slow and flat panel monitors were very expensive and very small - I feel old! 

Over the years the industry as a whole has been aided by the rise of super fast broadband, and mobile devices. We're at a point now where most new computers don't have CD drive,  everything is downloadable within minutes or even seconds over the internet, we have app stores, you can create documents online, have video meetings and people talk about designing websites for mobile browsing first. 

This transition to a largely online world was pushed forward even faster with the Covid pandemic of 2020. What this meant was that a majority of those that weren't technically inclined before had to become technically minded to keep going, keep in contact and keep working. Businesses and their employees that had been office based for their lifetime suddendly had to adapt to remote working.   

We are located in Cirencester, Gloucestshire the "Capital" of the Cotswolds and that means we've got pretty good links to most places in the country and when Cotswold Code was started I put emphasis on helping those businesses local to us - giving them better rates and growing with them rather than "instead" of them. 

But does location actually matter much in these modern times when hiring a web design and development company? 

Before the pandemic and from experience dealing with projects ranging in size from  individuals to multinationals like Shell PLC,  I'd have said that location doesn't matter to a lot of big companies (i.e. they can afford to take the time and expense to travel to a supplier if needed, or have the IT knowhow). But for the smaller company or individual and for those that wern't technically minded, there is something nice about just being able to meet up at the offices or a local coffee shop, without losing too much time away from their business and there is a larger emphasis on local supporting local. 

However since the pandemic has forced everyone to take a much more technically minded stance on many things, even small local businesses and those that wern't technically minded before can now look further afield if they so wish to find the right web designer/developer that works for them. 

Any meetings can now be done easily online face to face using video meeting services like Zoom or Skype. Documents can be shared in minutes, collaborated on by multiple people using things like Google Docs or in our case we've even got a customer area that you go to and see all your files and invoices in one place giving that peace of mind that lots of people are looking for when dealing fully remotely. 


So could someone in Scotland or maybe even California use our services? Of course - I don't believe we're limited in any way shape or form to those local to us any more, of course supporting local is great, 



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