Rise to the top

One of the hardest tasks of owning a website in 2022 is trying to reach the top of the search engine results. Of course you can pay using something like Google's Adwords service, but the holy grail is top of the results purely on organic search ranking.

Over the years Search Engines have constantly changed the way they index websites. Gone are the days when it was done on how many instances of the word was on your website pages, and it now involves a complex set of algorithms that look for many things.

Search engines have a number of different ways to determine where on their results sites appear and these change on a regular basis. Google's biggest update recently switched their algorithm from quantity driven to quality driven. They want well formatted and well-structured sites, mobile friendly, socially shared, secure and optimised for quick loading times.

If you get us to design a site, or you have an existing site we can add analytics code so that using Google Analytics clients can view how many people are visiting their site, where they are coming from, what they are doing when on there and you can set goals to see how the site is performing in monetary value.

We can then keep an eye on this data and make changes to the site so that it conformas to this ever-changing criteria set out by the major search engines and that it is performing at all times in the areas that you need.

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