The Scope

The owners of The Weston Cross wanted a website that was simple but effective. It had to give their opening times, hours, news and menus.

This came into its own during the pandemic when they offered a takeaway service and regularly had to change and publish the menus.

The site has been commented on by many for how clear and easy it is to use.

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For the technically minded the site is built using Wagtail CMS which sits on Django a rapid development framework that then sits on top of the underlying Python coding language. It uses a MySQL database backend and the front end is developed using the Bootstrap responsive framework.

However for those that aren't technically minded this is what you need to know.


The site was designed from the ground up, no templates, and it was made to work in the best way possible for those visiting the site.

When visiting the site the two main buttons up front and centre are the most important. These take visitors to the food menus and to the latest news.

Food menus are split into starters, mains, desserts and extras -- in the CMS (Content Management System) they can be priced per item or they can be marked as a set meal with a certain price depending on the number of courses and a PDF can be attached as a backup menu to each for people to download.

From the second button can see the pubs news pages - this has been really helpful over the pandemic when things were even changing on a day by day basis.

Overall the reception to the site has been very positive from everyone that has used it.

Administering the site

The front end of the site is only half of the story. The website is built upon the Wagtail CMS (Content Managment System).

This CMS system gives a clear and simple solution for adding/updating/deleting pages on the website as well as storing all your documents and images.

The great thing about the Wagtail CMS is that built on the Python/Django framework the possibilities are endless from a simple website of a few pages to a full shop or e-commerce platform.

The possibilities are endless.

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