The first step in creating any website is the design step! This is one of, if not the most important steps, because getting this right will make the rest of the project run smoothly.

There are 4 steps within this, Research, Mood boards, Wireframes and Colour Mockups.


The first thing to do, is research. In the case of a re-design, this will include a full review of any existing websites. We will look at competition, different elements that the clients want including and compile research for each of these elements and how they can be best implemented on the new website.

Mood Boards

From our research we'll create mood boards. Mood boards take all the individual elements of the site, our ideas on colour, textures, reference ideas and put them all in one place. This way you can clearly see if we are on the right lines or not before continuing forwards.


Wireframes are there to work out the basic layout of the websites pages - these are not design mockups, they'll be in black and white with basic fonts and boxes. This will allow us to look at each page and check the main functionality of each, making sure we haven't missed anything.

Colour Mockups

These are the final designs before development starts. This is the most crucial stage as this will determine what is coded into the website and changing this later on will not only push timescales back but could also increase costs.

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Below are the other steps involved in the design, development and release of a website.

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